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United Nations approves improvement on cyber security checks

United Nations approves improvement on cyber security checks

LATEST report released by the UN Specialized Agency for Communication and Information Technology has shown that there is an improvement in cyber security among its member states since the beginning of 2017. The worldwide cyber-security index 2017, GCL-2017, which measures the commitment of ITU’s 193 member states to cyber-security, shows that there is a substantial growth on cyber-security actions by ITU member states. Talking on the index, ITU Secretary General, Houlin Zhao, said; “At ITU, we are dedicated to making the internet extra secure, safer and trustworthy, for the benefit of all. While the impact made by cyber-attacks, such as those carried out as just as June 27, 2017, may not be removed entirely, prevention and mitigation measures to reduce the risks posed by cyber-connected threats can and should always be put in place. The GCI repeats ITU’s commitment to shape confidence and security in the use of ICTs.” On his part, Director, ITU Telecommunication Improvement Bureau, Brahima Sanou, said that; “As the international community quickly holds ICTs as key enabler for economic and social growth, it is vital that cyber security is made an integral and indivisible part of digital transformation.

We continue to inspire administrations to consider national policies that take into account cyber security so that everybody can gain the welfares of the online world.” In addition to showing the whole cyber security commitment of ITU’s 193 member states, the index also shows the consolidation and development of all GCI indicators, which are defined by the five pillars of the ITU Global Cyber security Agenda such as legal, technical, organizational, capacity building and international cooperation. The GCI-2017 measures nations’ commitment to cyber security and helps them classify areas for development. Through the info collected, it aims to illustrate the practices in use so that ITU member states can recognize implement and gaps selected activities suitable to their national environment with the added benefits of helping to harmonize practices and fostering a universal culture of cyber security.  The GCI-2017 also shows that there is space for additional development in cooperation at all levels, capacity building and administrative measures.

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